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In order to be valid according to the National Health Service's requirements, it's fundamental that the mutual prescription for thermal treatments indicates, besides the kind of therapeutic treatment, the connected diagnosis worded as precise as possible, even if in a simple way. For this purpose, considering the treatments of Terme di Acqui under agreement with the National Health Service,

  • for: a SERIES OF MUD THERAPIES WITH THERAPEUTIC BATHS or a SERIES OF THERAPEUTIC BATH the following diagnosis can be enough: osteoarthrosis or extra-articular rheumatism;
  • for a SERIES OF INHALATIONS the diagnosis pertaining to otolaryngology or pneumology should be defined as “chronic” (for example: chronic pharyngolaryngitis, chronic sinusitis, etc.) except for asthmatic forms and serious emphysema (to be specified!). The diagnosis vasomotor rhinopathy can also be accepted;
  • for: a SERIES OF TREATMENTS FOR RHINOGENOUS DEAFNESS the natural diagnosis of catarrhal otitis should be completed with “chronic”. The diagnosis of tubal stenosis can also be accepted;
  • for: a COMBINED SERIES OF LUNG VENTILATION the same indications given for inhalations can be followed and a diagnosis of chronic bronchitis or B.P.C.O. (chronic obstructive broncho-lung disease) can be sufficient;
  • for: VAGINAL IRRIGATIONS or VAGINAL IRRIGATIONS WITH BATH it’s always useful, as for the above mentioned cases, to add the word “chronic” to the common indication of vaginitis;
  • for: a SERIES OF TREATMENTS FOR PERIPHERAL VASCULAR DISEASES it’s necessary the indication of “consequences of chronic venous disease”.

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