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Thermal springs in Acqui Terme – the “Bollente” one gushes out with the temperature of 75°C  is located in the residential centre, and the less hot ones (more or less 50°C) that in the park beyond the Bormida River help in creating the Lake of the Springs – are characterized by the presence of a fault system, that is to say significant cracks in the earth's crust within the territory of Acqui, then, helped a quick and unpolluted going up of the above mentioned water and, therefore, the preservation of the temperature reached in the depth of the subsurface.

We’re speaking about rainwater that during 60 or 70 years slowly seeped in the Acqui subsoil becoming rich of minerals contents, above all the one belonging to the saline sediments situated in the sea stream that once occupied the Pianura Plain of today area. Due to its chemical composition our springs are commonly considered as sulphureous and, above all, salso-bromine-iodine water, that can be considered as a definition related to the sea water.

The above described waters have had a remarkable therapeutic use in the thermal spa of the town during the Roman Age as well as the Middle Age, when our treatments began the topic of medical treatise writings that get considerably richer during the Modern and Contemporary Age and today constitutes an eloquent historical and scientific support confirming the thermal therapies validity.

It’s possible for us to assert that our mud balneotherapy own analgesic and muscle relaxant properties that promote its use for pathologies as primitive and secondary arthrosis, fibromyalgic syndromes, periarthritis and tendinopathies; in the same way the several inhalatory treatments (inhalations therapy, aerosol, humage and nebulization) and the insufflation pipe-tympanum are suitable for rhinitis therapy, simple and obstructive chronic sinusitis and pharyngitis due to the expectorant and antiphlogistic effects that help the immune strengthening. The vaginal irrigations play an important antiphlogistic function for pathologies as chronic and atrophic vaginitis and the painful pelvic sclerosis. Moreover, the vascular dynamic hydrogym cycle is used to attend lymphedema, phlebitis posthumous and the clinical pathologies related to the chronic venous insufficiency.

Last but not least we mention the motor rehabilitation thermal therapy, useful after a work and car incident or a sporting trauma, and the medial-aesthetic treatments for body and face.


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Il Centro Benessere


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